Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall sets in

The weather is starting to change. Fall is here and at some point it will become too cold to stay in Vango. I have begun to look at options. I think I will keep it simple and just rent a room. Keep moving and costs to a minimum. The hard part is my daughter has gone back to college and I need to figure out what to do with our cat Caleb that stayed with her this summer. Most places I have looked aren't too keen on a pet. May need to rehome him. Finding a family with kids that will give him lots of attention.

I love the independence of van dwelling and almost sad that I will have to go indoors for awhile.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vango's makeover

Vango for the past 4 years has been my work van. I was a decorative painter. The steel shelving was great for attempting to keep all my paints, plasters trowels and brushes organized. I closed down the studio a awhile back but didn't want to let go of the van.It really wasn't till a found the van dwellers site that I realized how useful Vango could really be.

I managed to remove one side of steel shelving. Old rusty bolts were a bit of a challenge. Thank goodness for a friends grinder. The other side of drawers I still have in place because of one very stubborn awkwardly placed bolt we just couldn't get the right angle on.

For cost reasons I decided to leave the rubber flooring in place for now. A good scrubbing and lots of vacuuming cleaned it up pretty good. But there are still reminders of past painting projects splashed here and there.

I love IKEA. particularly their As-Is department. I circulate through it often to see what finds I can use and modify for Vango. A decent bed has been my latest projects. Total cost was under $50, that included wood, down comforters and pillows. Comfort was a huge factor for me. I don't sleep well to start with and am still recuperating from an accident in December that still has my neck and back a mess. I stand all day on concrete floors so when I go to bed I want comfort.

For $10 I found adjustable bed slats, $25 got me 2 queen size down comforters and a small pillow. The comforters I folded in half and covered to make a feather bed topper. I decided to use 2X2's for the legs and 1X4's to frame it out. I have storage bins underneath so raised the legs up 19" for clearance. The slats I covered with Therm-a rest self inflating pads used for camping then the feather bed topper. It has been a little cool still at night here in Minnesota. Actually had snowflakes last night so the down has really helped to hold body heat. Doubling up on sleeping bags helps as well. On the colder nights I fill a couple of water bottle full of hot water and snuggle up.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


A lot of work in the last 5 weeks on the van. Seems the more I am in it the more I come up with to try to do.


I am excited and counting the days. Vacation starts this Sunday. I am going up to the lake and help a friend with the final preparations to his boat so he can sail out and start his circumnavigation. After hearing about his plans for the last few years its hard to believe the time has finally come.